Stardew Valley

Welcome to Stardew Valley!

Version, Platforms, Price and a Summary

And if you feel like playing Stardew Valley now, here are the links to the different stores for you. It is digital available for about 14-15$/€ (click on the link to get to the Store):

Playstation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, GoG

If you prefer a physical Version, than good for you, that not long ago Eric Barone (Concerned Ape) announced a physical PC and Switch Version:


For me Stardew Valley is a nice and charming farming game, like it was Harvest Moon back in the days on the SNES, N64 and PS1. On top of it, it makes everything those predecessorsand their sequels did, better and shows the gaming industry how it is done right.

While the game misses some end game content, I can truly say it’s one of my favorites games out there. I spend over hundreds of hours in it and it is always enjoyable to start from a new. The graphics are lovely, the music is catchy and the gameplay is perfect to easily get in, even after you paused for a year. I could easily talk more about why it is so much fun playing Stardew Valley, but for now that’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading!



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