Stardew Valley

Welcome to Stardew Valley!

Chicken, Cows and more

Before Winter comes you sure want know, how to prepare. Well, if you don’t want to mine and fish all Winter long, you sure want to invest some money and resources in a barn and a coop. Both buildings hold space for a variety of animals. The barn shelters cows, pigs, sheep and goats.


While the coop shelters chicken, ducks and rabbits. All animals can be kept indoors, as well as outdoors. In all other seasons beside winter, grass grows naturally on your farm and if you let your animals reside outside, they will automatically eat it. You won’t need to feed them extra food. I suggest you make good use of it. As long as you don’t have a Silo with enough hay, because buying hay can be expensive.

But there is one more animal you propably want to have, it’s the horse. Once you build a stable and obtain it, it will easily become your companion all day long. With it you can move faster through town and whenever you want to have more of a day or want to move somewhere quickly, you will fall back on it.

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