Stardew Valley

Welcome to Stardew Valley!


Let’s come back where we began, the farming! With about 40 seeds and six trees there is a lot of crops for you to plant every season. Most of the crops can only be planted in their specific season, but some are able to be planted in two, like wheat or corn (Summer and Fall).


But with just planting crops you won’t make big money fast, when you do the work, do it right. Always fertilize the field on which you plant the most expensive crops. Be careful, it has to be done before planting the seeds! If you have enough fertilizer, use it on all fields. In the beginning it might be difficult to gain enough, but after you leveld up your farming skill, you will learn how to make it out of sapplings and later on even better versions out of other materials.

For all those who are almost at the next season and you don’t have the needed time to grow your grops, there is Speed-Gro. Like the fertilizer it has to be used before planting the seeds. But it will help you to some extinct to grow grops faster.

After some time you start to make more money and your fields start to grow. Now it’s the time you will have to upgrade your tool at the smith. With each update your tools become more useful. For example the hoe, while it hit only one square at the beginning, it will hit three squares in a line on the first upgrade level Bronze. This will expands on every level.

At least in second year you will reach the point where your fields are so big, that you don’t want to water every field by hand. Luckily there are sprinkler. They come in three level. The first waters four fields, the second eight and the third twentyfour. And at least for the last one you have to work really hard, if you wan’t them early on. But in the end it will be worth your time .

Before I forget I have to mention that one year in Stardew Valley consists of four month, each has 28 days and each month represents a season. So before Winter is coming and you better prepare, because crops don’t grow in Winter.

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