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Town- and Adventure Life

Beside maintaining your farm and friendships there are multiple other options to live up your new life in Pelican Town. Let’s start with taking a look into towns local businesses. There we have Pierres little town shop, where you can buy your daily necessities for your farm like seeds and trees. On the other side of the river, there is Joja Mart, a big supermarket which tries to settle in town and drive Pierre out of business. Through diffrent tasks you can decide which of both you want to support. While you can’t support Pierre directly, you have to rebuild the old decaying community center, to do so. Joja Mart can be supported by buying a membership from them.

In south east of Pelican Town you will find the museum, sadly without anything exhibits. While running around somtimes you might find worms sticking their heads out of the ground. Dig them up and somtimes you will find something you can donate the museum to support their exhibition. That’s not the only way to find exhibits or items for the museum, but the other options are up to you to find out. I don’t want to spoil you everything, because most fun is to find things out for yourself.

And last but not least we have Gus and his Pub. Here meets the local folkstown every evening and celebrate. While you can join them, there are also two arcades located. Both contain a Minigame to play for you.


In every seson you have some festivals which the local townspeople celebrate. It’s up to you to participate, but in most cases local businesses are closed and specific areas in town are restricted to enter, because the festival is getting prepared. So if you won’t participate you are restricted in your possibilities on these days. In the end I wouldn’t suggest to waste a festival. Beside the nice and lovely designed festivals, which are a big highlight in the game, there are also items and recipes you only get by participating. So if you are a completionist, it’s a must to go. In spring for example you have the Flower Dance Festival. Only when you are befriended enough with a spouse you are able to dance with them, otherwise you have to watch from the side.

Flower Dance Festival
Flower Dance Festival

Don’t think thats all, but thats where I stop. As mentioned before I think it’s most fun to discover things for youself.

Adventure Life

Taking some steps away from town, up to the old mine, you can not only start mining for minerals, but also fight some monsters. Not that you have a choice, both goes hand in hand. And better take care of yourself, because when your health or stamina falls to zero, you will not only loose the rest of your day, but also parts of your inventory and money. Good that you can prepare yourself a lot. Is it the vegetables you have grown yourself or the meals you can cook with them. You can eat the food for better stats or regenerate health and stamina, but also equip a weapon, boots and rings for selfdefense and other helpful features.

And why would you take the hazzle to mine at all? Well there are more than one reason. First of all the minerals, you need them to craft and upgrade your tools, as well as crafting items like the sprinkler. Second, to complete the museum. Third, extra income and fourth, maybe just because you have fun with it.


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