Stardew Valley

Welcome to Stardew Valley!


A warm welcome to you – not only from me, but also from Stardew Valley. This is the feeling you get everytime you start the game, everytime you hear the charming melodies and everytime you meet one of the residents.

Thats the reason why I want to introduce Stardew Valley to all of you. It’s one of my beloved games, that I can play everytime from a new. And it never gets boring!

But why is that so? Well, to say it in a few words: it feels like coming home! Even if you know everypart of the game it’s not a bad thing or boring. It’s even better this way, because it’s like your hometown that you explored as a kid. You know it like yourself and it just feels good and familiar.

But before you will have this feeling, you have to invest some time and get to learn the world better. And with that, let’s start!

The character creation

It all starts with the click on New Game. You will be directed to a character creation menu. Out of many Options you can now create your character.

You can customize your character’s skin, hair, shirt, pants and accessoire (e.g. beards, glasses, etc.). Each part has many choices to customize yourself. You can also color the clothes individually. If you don’t feel like it or just want to be surprised, you can press the random button (a dice). This way you will get a different composition with every click.

In the same window as character creation, you also decide on your name, the name of the farm, your favorite thing and your favourite pet. Here you have the choice between a dog or a cat.

When you’re done, confirm your character. Which brings us to the intro movie of the game.

Welcome to Stardew Valley

You begin, where probably many of us are now, at work in a soulless company as office worker. Every day is boring and it seems hopeless to find fun at work. When your grandfather dies and you hear his last will and testament, you decide to take this opportunity for change and take care of his old farm. But when you arrive at the old farm, you realize that the farm is in a terrible state. Everywhere you look, there is an accumulation of weeds, rubble and old wood. You have to work hard to make this farm live up to its name.

In the beginning it seems like a big annoying task to clean up all of this mess. You might at least think. Once started and time flies by, a daily ingame routine will set. With every day you clean up more and first crops will grow. Soon you will feel satisfied and happy to see your work bare fruits. With those first steps done, money comes in and you can start expanding. At first bigger fields and a little later on animals, better tools or even a house upgrade.

The residents of Pelican Town

While the farm life itself is fun, there is still more to discover. The next you might notice is that you can befriend every resident in town. By giving them the right presents, they like you back. With a heart scala (see picture below) you can see how strong your bond is and on reaching specific heart levels a event is triggered.

Friendship Status
Status of friendship with the villagers

Some residents have more than ten hearts, those are the possible spouses to marry. To get there you have to spend some time with them and give them a lot of presents. Sadly there are just a few possibilities beside gifting to raise the heart level. Mostly Festivals and resident events. Great so, that there is no gender restriction, so you can marry the same gender. It’s up to you to decide!

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