[Patch Released] Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen Studios released the new patch for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem today on 06 March 2020.

Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue causing right clicks on items in the inventory to be resolved as left clicks.
  • Fixed an issue causing a UI glitch when selling a right-hand weapon directly from equipped inventory while dual-wielding weapons.
  • Fixed an immortality exploit happening when joining a game.
  • Fixed an issue causing loot to drop at one’s feet when an ally player opened a chest (the issue persists on cursed chests for the moment).
  • Fixed issues causing the staff projectiles to fail their hits on big monsters and to fail to bounce on packs of monsters.
  • Fixed an issue causing environmental projectiles to deal no damage during the Chapter III quest “The Gates of Fury”.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to revive several allies at the same time if they were close enough.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to lose gold and primordial affinity when connecting to the game.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to collide with each other after reviving from a down state.
  • Fixed an issue causing some players to have two WolcenTag, preventing them from adding friends.

User Interface

  • Allies’ health bars are now displayed for summoned minions.
  • Added minimap icons to some level entrances which did not have one.
  • Fixed a bug displaying a seemingly increasing Magic Find Bonus in the quest tracking UI.


  • Reduced the level requirement for tier 15 weapons and tier 4 accessories from level 60 to level 50.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the auto-dash from receiving various modifiers from attack-related passive nodes.
  • Offering altars pannel and Untainted reward screens are not affected by item quantity modifiers anymore.

Gate of Fates

  • Fixed an issue in the computation of the Blessed Silver passive node.
  • Fixed an issue in the computation of the Sparking Dart passive node.
  • Fixed an issue in the computation of the Static Transferral passive node.

Active Skills

  • Fixed an issue preventing the “Baptism by Hail” modifier of Havoc Orb to work.
  • Fixed an issue leading summoned monsters of other players to block you when joining a game.
  • Fixed a bug causing summons to collide with player projectiles in force-attack mode.


  • Noxious Swarmwings have been reintegrated and are now properly targetable.
  • Increased the scale of the Pacified Exoskeleton in Endgame.
  • Adjusted the Health bars of the Harvesters.
  • Improved the projectile capsule of small monsters.
  • Reduced the health provided by the Tough boss modifier from 75% to 30%.
  • Disabled the Regeneration boss modifier.
  • The following boss modifiers now appear 20% less often: Fast, Tough, Unstoppable, Fire Imbued, Frost Imbued, Lightning Imbued, Physical Imbued, Rend Imbued, Sacred Imbued, Shadow Imbued, Toxic Imbued, Aether Imbued, Powerful, Elemental Shield, Material Shield, Occult Shield.
  • As a result, the other boss modifiers now appear more often.
  • The Justicar(Elite) doesn’t use his Inexorable Advance skill anymore.
  • Increased the cooldown of the Justicar(Elite)’s repeated shots from 4 to 15 seconds.
  • Improved the indicator of the Aurora Knight’s superior Holy Dive in order to better fit the actual shape of the skill.
  • Wealth Omens now give gold every 10% Health lost instead of every hit.
  • Fixed an issue causing Yudai to teleport the player out of the game area using its trap skill.


  • Reduced the maximum number of summoned monsters from the Boss on the final floor encounter by 50%. This change concerns the following bosses: Alpha Svriir, Devourer, Demon of Souls, Alastor, Sadistic Thug, Pacified Exoskeleton, Aurora Knight, Demon of Flesh, Justicar and Primordial Guardian.
  • Increased the cooldown of the summoning skill of Bosses on the final floor encounter from 20 to 60 seconds.
  • Legendary items can’t be put in the Upgrade Rarity project of the Dark Market anymore.
  • Fixed the cost of the Legendary Reagent of the Seeker’s Expedition: it now costs 30 000 gold and 20 000 production to match the Reagent Upgrade from the Dark Market.
  • Reduced the value of the Area Modifier’s effect allowing some types of enemies to “have a reduction to the duration of crowd control effects received”.
  • Fixed an immortality exploit during expeditions. If all players enter their down state at the same time, the expedition will now fail.


  • Improved the Punisher Exoskeleton’s animation.
  • Improved Heimlock’s animation during the first talk cinematic.


  • Fixed an issue where Blood decals VFX colors did not match with certain levels.
  • The Primordial Armor death effects are no longer affected by the movement effects triggered by player skills.
  • Added a small magic effect on the female character’s hand while wielding a staff.
  • Changed rotation of Female Hammer swipes to fit with animation.
  • Changed rotation of Male 2H Sword swipes to fit with animation.


  • Fixed missing Brotherhood of Dawn melee attack sounds.
  • Added more body fall sounds to Republic Mortarbeast and Punisher Exoskeleton after death.
  • Improved Wings of Ishmir cast sound with a cooldown. To avoid fatigue, this skill will now swap to a softer sound if used in quick succession (e.g when used with Relentless Pursuit modifier).
  • Added execution sounds to the Chapter II Republic vs Wildlings scene.
  • Fixed wrong sounds playing when equipping weapons.


  • Improved English localization.
  • Updated German localization.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese localization.
  • Updated French localization.
  • Updated Polish localization.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese localization.
  • Updated Spanish localization.
  • Updated Russian localization.

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