[Patch] Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Update: The patch is now released on Steam and has a size of 2.8GB.

Wolcen Studios just announced the patchnote for this weeks upcoming patch


  • Fixing a crash on connection(Checking game version) if a player starts an endgame “transmutation forge” project
  • Fixing an issue allowing players to have more passive skill nodes activated than their total points would allow
  • Fixing item duplication via chest panel issue (offline)
  • Fixing stackable items duplication
  • Fixing invalid sell price on stacked items
  • Fixing an issue that caused a chest panel deletion when changing acts
  • Fixing item deletion when exiting the game while dragging an item from the inventory
  • Fixing an issue causing players to fall from act 1 boss’ platform while using Warpath
  • Fixing an issue causing crafting reagents to ignore lower tier gems when selecting magic effects
  • Fixing an issue preventing DOT damage bonuses to be displayed in the character sheet detail panel

User Interface

  • Fixing an issue making items on the ground hard to pick up depending on the framerate

Active Skills

  • Fixing an issue preventing summoned minions bonuses to work
  • The Wealth Omens cannot be possessed by Parasite anymore
  • Fixing an issue preventing Livor Mortis damage redirection to work
  • Fixing an issue causing Livor Mortis damage redirection to invalidate player magic effects


  • Fixing an issue preventing offline characters to be saved


  • Fixing issues regarding network load & unretrieved data

And more…

Beside the patchnotes the developer informed us about their new update agenda, which they coordinated with their server provider and the momentarily server capacity situation:

  • The server capacities are currently limited to a certain amount of concurrent players
  • We can only perform one patch per week and we need to coordinate with our partners to push it

With the next patches they also mentioned that more players will be able to play at the same time.

So for the complete details go to the Steam:


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