So how to start talking about myself? How about my native language that is not English but German, so why am I writing and presenting this page in English and not German? Pretty easy, I guess, because I can reach more people in English than in German and also because most of gaming industry communicates in English.

And what about this website at all, aren’t there enough websites about gaming? For sure there are, but this website should express my own thoughts about the gaming industry and games which aren’t often presented on regular gaming website. The topics will be hopefully interesting and import, also for you as they are for me. Let’s look forward and find out.

What more is to say? This website is a one man project, so don’t expect to find here gaming news on a daily basis (like on official news sites), its more of a mix of a blog and a regular news site, with more focus on blog writing. News and Reviews will most likely be less frequently thand blog entries. I can image when time passes and I get more used to writing and dealing with this kind of work more and more News and Reviews might come, but I wont promise you that at this point. So let’s see where this journey goes and if this website will also be fun to you as ist is for me.